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Modern Farmer magazine, 1st 6 issues set

Modern Farmer magazine, 1st 6 issues set

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Modern Farmer is a quarterly American magazine devoted to agriculture and food, founded in April 2013. The magazine is unique in that it attempts to have equally rural and urban readers, and to "appeal to the person who wants to romanticize farming and the person who is knee deep in turkey droppings", according to The New York Times. In 2014, the publication won the National Magazine Awards for the Magazine Section.

Modern Farmer covers feature livestock and its articles include those like a series of interviews with agriculture ministers from around the globe.  Its stories tend to take a "farm to table" perspective, comprehensively covering food and agriculture topics like Greek yogurt or feral pigs. In addition to the print magazine, it has a popular website; its "goatcam," a public web cam of goats, produced 60,000 page views alone.

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