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Conran/Quant: Swinging London - A Lifestyle Revolution

Conran/Quant: Swinging London - A Lifestyle Revolution

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This book provides contextual information about two iconic figures in "Pop" fashion during the Swinging Sixties in London: Mary Quant, known as the creator of the miniskirt, and Terence Conran, the entrepreneur responsible for the rise of "lifestyle" stores. Both Quant and Conran were part of a bohemian group of friends, associates, and collaborators who played a significant role in defining the style of the era, known as "The Chelsea Set." The book, Conran/Quant: Swinging London - A Lifestyle Revolution, delves into the contributions of other influential designers and artists, such as Laura and Bernard Ashley, Eduardo Paolozzi, Nigen Henderson, and Alexander Plunket Greene, who were crucial in shaping the fashion and design landscape of the 1960s.

Experience the bold and innovative spirit of the Chelsea Set, a revolutionary group that transformed contemporary design in the 1960s. Join the journey through their influential biographies, captivating fashion photography, and iconic vintage advertisements. This meticulously crafted product is an ideal choice for those with a keen interest in fashion - a perfect gift.

"It is given to a fortunate few to be born at the right time, in the right place, with the right talents. In recent fashion, there have been three: Chanel, Dior and Mary Quant." - Ernestine Carter.

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