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enzo mari: autoprogettazione book, 2014, 68 pgs

enzo mari: autoprogettazione book, 2014, 68 pgs

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With the word autoprogettazione (literally 'self-design'), Enzo Mari suggests these designs as an exercise to be done by individuals so that they may learn more about furniture, 'design', and the honest sincerity of simple furniture. At once suggesting that anyone can make something stylish and simultaneously demystify-ing the design world.

2014 edition, 68 pages, 9788887942675

Enzo Mari is an Italian designer and artist known for his contributions to the fields of design and theory. One of his most well-known works is "Autoprogettazione?," a project that was first exhibited in 1974 at the Milan Triennale.

"Autoprogettazione?" consists of a set of instructions and diagrams for building simple pieces of furniture using only inexpensive, readily-available materials such as wood and screws. The project was designed to be accessible to people with no prior experience in woodworking and was intended as a means of promoting self-sufficiency and creativity.

Mari's "Autoprogettazione?" project has been widely influential and has been exhibited and reprinted numerous times since its original debut. It is considered a seminal work in the fields of design and DIY culture and is often cited as an important precursor to the maker movement

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