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Paper Towel Scarf by e for effort

Paper Towel Scarf by e for effort

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Paper towels were invented by Arthur Scott in Philadelphia in 1907. Scott was the head of a small paper company and was looking for a way to use up the paper scraps that were left over from the manufacturing process. He came up with the idea of creating a disposable paper product that could be used to clean up spills and messes, and the paper towel was born.

Scott's early paper towels were made by taking the paper scraps, bonding them together with a type of adhesive, and then cutting them into individual sheets. The first paper towels were not as absorbent as modern paper towels, but they were still a significant improvement over cloth towels, which were the most common cleaning tool of the time.

Scott began marketing his paper towels to hotels, restaurants, and other businesses, but it wasn't until the 1930s that they became widely available for home use. In the years that followed, the quality of paper towels continued to improve, and they became even more popular as people discovered their convenience and effectiveness.

e for effort takes the classic thick paper towel and reinterprets it as a wonderful tick scarf even with "tear" seams (they dont actually tear off).

100% cotton knit / white / pattern, perforation and detail of a classic paper towel / embroidered hand-sewn label / one size / 11" x 70" / hand wash in cold water, hang to dry

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