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LUNGHINI earrings by monica castiglioni

LUNGHINI earrings by monica castiglioni

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Earrings cast in bronze, an alloy made by 90% copper and 10% tin, nickel-free.
Bronze oxidizes and changes color. Depending on the pH of your skin, bronze may leave dark stains which, however, may be washed off easily; it is not to be regarded as an allergic reaction. Bronze can be cleaned with a soft cloth and metal polish or with some lemon juice, it may be rinsed off with dish detergent or mild soap and cold water.

Creating pieces of jewelry has been her great passion for 40 years in Milano, New York City, Ortigia, and Fukuoka. Monica has always liked working with bronze since it unmistakably shows its inner life through its oxidation process. Her pieces of jewelry often take the shapes of Nature and the flower pistil has become her iconic shape among the many others of her vast production. Her styling mainstay is the unique yet ever-changing compositions that can be created by simply adding and mixing her pieces. All her creations are either in limited numbers or single pieces and are produced with the lost wax casting technique. Some of her collections come in bigger sizes and are pieces of sculpture made in cooperation with Fonderia Artistica Battaglia in Milano and Modern Art Foundry in New York City.

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