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arnold circus stool by martino gamper

arnold circus stool by martino gamper

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Martino Gamper's Arnold Circus Stool has come a long way since its inception as a functional piece of furniture intended to revive a neglected park in East London. Over the past decade, the stool has become a common sight in art centers across the globe, as well as in homes throughout New Zealand and Korea. This colorful journey has seen the stool and its creator travel from local origins to international prominence, accompanied by a circle of friends along the way.

Author/ Editor: Martino Gamper and Åbäke
With texts by Cornelia Parker, Robin Hatton-Gore, Anna Salaman, Alex Klein, Michael Marriott amongst others.
Design: Åbäke 

Printed by: SYL, Spain
First published: 2022
ISBN: 978-1-907908-65-1
First Edition: 3500 copies
Pages: 96
Width: 4.52 in

Height: 6.49 in
Cover: Soft
Language: English

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