Going To Country, July 22nd-24th, 2022

Whether prompted by nostalgia, necessity, or a desire for small town simplicity, city dwellers flocked to exurban environs in the wake of 2020. Trading their fussy footwear for gardening clogs and commutes for neighborly communes, many also swapped sleek, urbane style for more hand-hewn, historied craftsmanship. The result: a renewed elevation of "primitive" construction, folk art, and all things chipped, tarnished or torn. In the Going to Country exhibition, Available Items recasts the rustic in a contemporary light—while also examining the impulse behind our current preoccupation with old-as-new aesthetics.  

Available Items presents: Going to Country, an exhibition reinterpreting traditional furnishings and rustic tropes through a contemporary  lens, from quilts and Delft ceramics to Windsor chairs, folk art, and. beyond. Featured artists include: Alison Owen, Nina Cinelli, Lucy Freedman, Summer Moore, Danielle Kroll, Chad Phillips, Josh Itiola, Brendan Timmins, Brian Persico, Hannah Haworth, Natalie Herrera, Shawn Carney, and Arnaud Cornillon.



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