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open objects get centered clay kit

open objects get centered clay kit

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In our modern world, we often find ourselves overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted from our constant exposure to screens. Fortunately, working with clay can be an excellent way to unwind and recenter our minds. Our clay kit is specially designed to help you experience the therapeutic benefits of hand-building pottery in the comfort of your own home.

The kit includes all the necessary tools, clay, paint, and a demo link that will be sent directly to your email. Depending on the size, you can create 1-2-3 pieces with the forgiving natural clay that will last a lifetime if kept wrapped up tightly. This is not your typical craft store clay – it is ideal for firing in a pottery kiln or air-drying for ornamental pieces. Our kit provides detailed instructions for each step of the process, so you can enjoy the creative experience with ease.

What is included:

  • Quality tools

  • 800g of real clay

  • Matte brown paint (for air-drying pieces)

  • Easy to follow video demonstration

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