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le corbusier

le corbusier

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Le Corbusier was a Swiss-French architect, designer, and urban planner who is considered one of the pioneers of modern architecture. Le Corbusier, whose real name was Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, was born in Switzerland in 1887 and studied at the École d'Art in La Chaux-de-Fonds before moving to Paris in 1907 to pursue a career in architecture.

Le Corbusier is known for his contributions to the development of modernist architecture and his ideas about urban planning, which were based on the principles of functionalism, standardization, and the use of new materials and technologies. He designed a range of important buildings and urban spaces, including the Unité d'Habitation in Marseille, France and the Chandigarh capital complex in India. Le Corbusier's work has had a significant influence on the development of architecture and urban planning around the world, and his ideas continue to be studied and debated today. He died in 1965.

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