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girard color

girard color

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The ALEXANDER GIRARD COLOR hardcover book celebrates the vivid, playful, and sophisticated world of 20th-century design icon Alexander Girard. ALEXANDER GIRARD COLOR features the vintage 1972 illustration “Girls” on the cover, as well as 26 classic Girard designs.

Pre-schoolers learning to identify colors will enjoy this charming little book and its whimsical illustrations. Design-savvy adults will also love the vintage illustrations and sophisticated packaging design by Gloria Fowler.

9 x 9 inches | 58 pages

Alexander Girard was an American designer, architect, and artist known for his contributions to the field of design and his bold, colorful, and often playful aesthetic. Girard was born in New York City in 1907 and received a degree in architecture from Columbia University in 1930. He worked as an architect and designer for several firms before establishing his own design studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1952.

Throughout his career, Girard designed a wide range of products and interiors, including textiles, furniture, and home decor. He was particularly known for his textiles, which were often inspired by traditional folk art and featured bright, bold patterns and motifs. Girard's work was characterized by a strong sense of color and a playful, exuberant style, and he was known for incorporating elements of humor and whimsy into his designs. In addition to his work in design, Girard was also an avid collector of folk art and textiles from around the world, and his collection is now housed in the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe. Girard died in 1993 in Santa Fe.

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